Twitter Packages

Holy Goose! Someone PLEASE take over my Twitter feed!

We’ll maintain your Twitter account for you for a monthly fee. Get more followers, RT’s, @ messages and business, direct from your Twitter page. Ask us how!

You pay on a monthly basis – we maintain your Twitter page.

Subscription Services


Twitter Copper Package:

  • 1 Tweet per day x 30 = 30 Tweets per month

Twitter Silver Package:

  • 2 Tweets per day x 30 = 60 Tweets per month

Twitter Gold Package:

  • 3 Tweets per day x 30 = 90 Tweets per month

Twitter Platinum Package:

  • 4 Tweets per day x 30 = 120 Tweets per month

Twitter Extreme Marketing Package

  • 15 Tweets per day x 30 = 450 Tweets per month

All including:

  • Informative keyword optimized tweets, unique to your market
  • Tweets announcing your new blogs, Facebook promos, LinkedIn discussions
  • Tweets with your marketing messages, selling your products or services
  • Links to your website, videos, or other websites of interest

Community Interaction and Stimulation!

  • 5 interactive @ messages to community a week
  • All keywords marked with the # hashtag for maximum efficiency in search
  • Unlimited interaction with community when directly contacted on Twitter
  • Cross promotion on blog, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Community organized into practical lists

BONUS: Receive monthly Twitter reports on your progress

What happens if I want something specific announced on my Twitter Feed?

You get long term support from our friendly writers and editors.
Just shoot us a Skype or email message, and we’ll adjust the daily schedule.

*prices subject to change according to international exchange rates