What is Social Media Maintenance

Once you have your Facebook page, Twitter feed, Blog roll and LinkedIn network up and running – that’s when the trouble strikes.

  • Using untrained staff to handle social media strategy and writing!
  • Hiring a ‘devil-may-care’ freelance writer for erratic work!
  • Trying to find the time to keep an actual strategy going!
  • Leaving your pages to stagnate because of all the hassle!

95% of businesses simply don’t have the time to maintain their social media strategies. Whether it’s because they’re short on skilled staff, time or expertise – these pages die – and no one can make money off dead pages.

Instead why not hire us?

  • Highly trained social media strategists
  • University educated writers and editors
  • Experts in project and time management skills

We maintain your social media pages in a reliable, professional and permanent manner. Check out our latest packages.

Choose From These Excellent Contract Options:

The Tester 1 month tester contract
The Small Business Contract 3 month contract
The Medium Business Contract 6 month contract
The Corporate Business Contract 1 year contract
The Fortune 500 Contract 2 year contract

* All of our contracts are standard, and have been drawn up by a qualified lawyer. They provide an easy out for both the client and Contrast Media should either party be unsatisfied with work.

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Social Marketing Consulting Services

If you need some sound advice on what to do with your social pages, our consulting services begin at R350.00 per hour or $50.00 an hour. Available for international and local clientele.

Social Marketing Strategy and Planning

Planning on hiring an in-house social strategist, but you really need a social marketing plan for them to follow? Get a custom social marketing plan created for each social site – starting at $715.00 or R5000.00 per plan.

Private Social Media Marketing Training

Looking to teach your marketing staff how to leverage social media to promote your brand online? Sign up for our online courses or schedule a private training session below with CG Dewing, Founder and CEO of Contrast Media.

COMING SOON our online certificate courses:

Facebook Marketing Basics
Facebook Marketing Intermediate
Facebook Marketing Advanced

Twitter Marketing Basics
Twitter Marketing Intermediate
Twitter Marketing Advanced

Blog Marketing Basics
Blog Marketing Intermediate
Blog Marketing Advanced

LinkedIn Marketing Basics
LinkedIn Marketing Intermediate
LinkedIn Marketing Advanced

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