Quantum Linguistics: Super Powered Content Marketing

Communication has evolved as virtual reality has expanded, almost eclipsing old modes of advertising, writing and passing on persuasive, thought provoking messages.

I’ve always got my head inside a book, learning new skills, new styles and monitoring market trend fluctuations. When I came across NLP it was interesting, not as a way to ‘control peoples thought patterns’ or any of that other nonsense cheap hypnosis sites package it as. But as a way to use a modern form of communication that explains perspective.

NLP or neurolinguistic programming is not a bag of tricks as many marketers online would have you believe. It can be defined as a system of interpersonal communication techniques that effect and affect behavioral patterns and the thoughts that cause them. Simply put – it’s the science of understanding what modes of thought make people behave the way they do.

Now, quantum linguistics is a branch of NLP, and is all about perspective and using words, the tools of language, to stimulate various thought processes and responses.

Imagine being able to guide someone smoothly toward a conclusion about your product – one so strong they feel compelled to buy it — using nothing but a sales letter. Imagine language so enjoyable your blog visits skyrocket after a few short months!

The logic of quantum linguistics is incontrovertible. This is because it doesn’t tell the reader what to think – it allows the reader to develop their own guided opinion about the product in question, and then act on that thought process.

Your readers will become aware of alternatives, of context, of a variety of stimulating thought patterns that will frame your product, services or business, making it seem just as valuable as you know it really is.

Traditionally, quantum linguistics is seated rather closely to multidimensionality and Cartesian quadrants. (The complex bit) This is because they explore one significant thought pattern in four or more different ways. When it comes to persuasive language, the result is a linguistic honing in of subconscious needs, desires and behaviors.

Essentially after fully understanding a target market, their immediate needs and wants – quantum linguistics can then be used to persuade, interest or otherwise entertain the reader on a deeply emotional and subconscious level.

As an experienced copywriter I find quantum linguistics, when applied properly, can be a valuable asset to my clients. It increases client interaction, site readability, likeability, and sales.

People are always more likely to buy if they connect with your business beyond the average impersonal messages that they are bombarded with daily.

These techniques are still very new, but when joined with the fundamental laws of content marketing something magic happens. Clarity of thought. Convincing writing. A need to be affiliated with or to have whatever the copy is selling. It’s a whole new generation of Jedi mind tricks. And it’s as transparent as ever.

People already know that you want to sell them stuff, or that you want your novel to be read, or that you want huge success for your website. We just help them form the right thoughts about it.

Contrast Media creates writing so good that it will affect your visitor’s feelings as well as their thoughts. There really is no hidden secret to it, just expert understanding of language and how to use it.