Privacy Policy

Contrast Media understands that ideas are a deeply personal and private undertaking, especially when you give them to someone to change into copy. We care about your security, and we support your right to complete privacy.

That’s why if you want a bestseller written discreetly, no one will ever know you came to us and had it done. Our lips are sealed, wholly and completely by this very valid and legal privacy policy that protects your secret from ever getting out.

Your Privacy is Important

We are legally and professionally bound to respect your privacy. Here’s how:

We hate spam. We hate people who sell their clients email addresses for money. We will never, ever stoop to such terrible and heinous invasions of your privacy. Your email address if safe with us.

If you sign up for our newsletter, then a newsletter you shall receive. You won’t however be receiving any unsolicited mail, junk mail, spam or any other rubbish you don’t want, need or even like.

Our secure network ensures that all transactions flowing through this website are safe and 100% secure. That’s the beauty of encryption technology.

Non disclosure agreements are standard and are available on request. If you would like your book, novel, articles or copy to remain strictly yours then signing one of these will effectively keep us from telling anyone we wrote it for you.

Personal Information

We guard the information you give us so that your privacy is never compromised. We are in compliance with the legal requirements involved in safeguarding your private information. This means that your info is used to receive the newsletter you asked to receive, the quote you requested or to help us give you the best possible service. No other reasons are valid.

Please Take Me off Your List

If for whatever reason you’d like to stop receiving our awesome newsletter or accompanying emails, then send a ‘please take me off your list’ to one of our email addresses. We’ll take you off quick smart.

Still Concerned?

We only collect info that you give us of your own free will. We only use this info to send you what you wanted sent to you. If you have any questions about this privacy policy statement, the practices of Contrast Media, or your dealings with us, please don’t hesitate to contact our offices. We’re here to help.