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Exclusive. Shrewd. Believable.

Your business is only as good as your advertising campaign.

People don’t see your offices, your staff or your pearly white smile. Most of the time all they see is your logo, your slogan, and a few choice pieces of text that you release into the worldwide marketplace.

Sales writing, advertising copy and marketing text are all centered around one goal.

That goal is to get your target demographic to buy what you’re selling. Simple in concept, but darn near impossible to do well.

That’s why it’s better to trust an advertising partner that has had real world success with their marketing messages. The Contrast Media team will get your message out there. When it’s the right message, great things happen.

Hire the Contrast Media team for your print advertising copy, now!

You’re Looking For:

  • Copy with a clearly defined direction
  • Copy that creates a genuine desire in your readers
  • Persuasive, systematic and powerful marketing messages
  • A memorable ad for long term ROI

You’re NOT Looking For:

  • Hard core, badly constructed sales language
  • A cheap ad that will produce little or no results
  • A message that is easy to forget, or throw away

Corporate quality at freelance prices…

PLUS you get:

  • Marketing writers with degrees in journalism and media
  • 100% guarantee on quality and originality
  • All your copy is edited by our talented in-house editor

Hire us now!

We Specialize In:

  • Newspaper and magazine ad copy
  • General ad copy
  • Marketing materials
  • Real world ROI

*prices subject to adjustment based on exchange rate or niche difficulty.