Sales Copywriting

Specialized. Persuasive. Unique.

HARD SELLING stopped working 7 years ago.

No one likes looking at capitalized sales pitches anymore. Bright colours sprawled all over your sales page can only take you so far, and these days it’s probably as far as the close button at the top of your toolbar.

Have you ever read a long form sales letter from start to finish? Yawn! They’re so packed with rubbish sales language and overblown, dishonest promises.

Newsflash! Your buyers are intelligent, connected people. Isn’t it time you started treating them that way?

Stop the abuse of the exclamation mark! Say no to hard selling! Come over to the bright side of intelligent, linguistics based sales.

Hire us for intelligent, fact based, emotive sales writing.

You’re Looking For:

  • Dynamic sales copy that sells in a competitive market
  • Language full of energy, that speaks for itself
  • A way to get your readers excited about your products
  • A way to reach real people, with emotive language

You’re NOT Looking For:

  • A ten thousand word sales letter that looks like a child got hold of it, with a bright yellow highlighter.
  • The same old sales pitch that everyone else uses
  • Cheap sales pitches, packed with dishonest ramblings
  • A way to dupe your readers into buying something they don’t want

Corporate quality at freelance prices…

PLUS you get:

  • Our extensive training in the field of quantum linguistics
  • 100% guarantee on quality and originality
  • All your copy is edited by our talented in-house editor

Hire us now!

We Specialize In:

  • Long and short form sales letters
  • Whitepapers
  • Sales Writing
  • Advertising slogans
  • Landing page copy
  • Multimedia sales copy

*prices subject to adjustment based on exchange rate or niche difficulty.