Product Descriptions

Vivid. Involved. Attractive.

Sales are made and lost with descriptive words.

Writing a product description is more than slapping down some overused words about a common product.

People are used to being bored to death by sub standard product descriptions.

Even if they want to buy your product, there’s nothing to suggest that they should buy it from you. This is where many e-sellers make their big mistake.

What happens when a customers reads some great sales descriptions on your website? They become convinced of your quality, impressed by your insightful word choices and eager to buy, not just once, but whenever they need products like yours.

Your immediate and long term sales potential increases with great descriptions.

Invest in higher sales by hiring us to write your dynamic product descriptions!

You’re Looking For:

  • Product descriptions that sell lots of things
  • Large batches of product descriptions for your e-commerce site
  • Small batches of product descriptions for your niche site
  • Great quality, strong SEO and clarity

You’re NOT Looking For:

  • Copy and paste style descriptions
  • Cheap, poorly written, boring as heck descriptions
  • Descriptions that don’t contain any keywords
  • Descriptions that sit on your page, and do nothing

Corporate quality at freelance prices…

PLUS you get:

  • Our extensive training in the field of quantum linguistics
  • 100% guarantee on quality and originality
  • All your copy is edited by our talented in-house editor

Hire us now!

We Specialize In:

  • Exclusive product descriptions
  • Larger batch product descriptions exceeding 1000 products

*prices subject to adjustment based on exchange rate or niche difficulty.