Email and Newsletter Creation

Candid. Exciting. Personal.

How do you improve your sales campaigns, and increase your email and newsletter sign-ups? With better content and stronger pitches, of course!

No-one likes spam. These days, receiving emails from any business is automatically presumed to be spammy nonsense. You have to correct that.

The key to great emails is to send your subscribers friendly, personal suggestions – that they are actually interested in receiving. Make them fun, and worth reading.

Your newsletter works on the same principles. Give your subscribers relevant news, as it relates to your niche, and to them as people.

You have to be persuasive and charming. Likable and determined. A great email campaign can earn you a monthly stash of extra sales.

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You’re Looking For:

  • Fresh, vibrant emails that hit the mark
  • Email language that prompts interaction
  • An email or newsletter that stands out, against a sea of spam
  • Real results from your direct communication campaigns

You’re NOT Looking For:

  • A template email you can send to bought lists, to fill the world with more spam junk and hosh posh.
  • Cheap hard selling emails that offer products to strangers

Corporate quality at freelance prices…

PLUS you get:

  • Our extensive training in the field of quantum linguistics
  • 100% guarantee on quality and originality
  • All your copy is edited by our talented in-house editor

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We Specialize In:

  • Improved communication between you and your potential/repeat clients
  • A closer business relationship between you and your subscribers
  • Greater brand loyalty
  • Word of mouth advertising
  • Create a sense of community around your brand
  • Social sharing
  • Boost your sales
  • Inspire additional communication about events, services
  • Increase your companies likeability factor
  • More accurate market research as your following grows

*prices subject to adjustment based on exchange rate or niche difficulty.