Creative Writing

Paramount. Inspiring. Imaginative.

There is more to creative writing than simply being creative.

Fresh concepts have to be coaxed onto the page fast, and they have to be well executed, accurate and inspiring.

Creative writing needs to be imaginative and fantastic, but it should also be structured and packed with purpose. From plot advancement, character development and twisty twists – our team knows how to create a great story.

We’re bursting with ideas. Your project seems like a comfortable place to put them.

The world is too small and too overcrowded to put your dream into the hands of people who write to live. We live to write.

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You’re Looking For:

  • A creative author, who has a degree in literature
  • Samples of creative genius
  • A flat rate, so you’re not overcharged
  • A reliable creative writer that will support your goal

You’re NOT Looking For:

  • A writer with the creative sensitivity of a chewed boot
  • Cheap writing that won’t sell or be published
  • A story with no depth, vitality or human interest

Corporate quality at freelance prices…

PLUS you get:

  • Our expertise on the publishing industry
  • 100% guarantee on quality and originality
  • One free round of editing, to make your book perfect

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We Specialize In:

  • Creative fiction
  • Creative non fiction
  • Creative articles
  • Creative slogans, names

*prices subject to adjustment based on exchange rate or niche difficulty.