Writing Practices

Does Contrast Media use writing programs to create text?

Contrast Media loathes automated services and programs that produce dodgy text. We shun them and shall not speak about their heinous crimes to the English language.

Do Contrast Media outsource their writing?

Contrast Media never outsource writing. This is because outsourcing often leads to poor quality. We are responsible for every piece of copy that leaves these offices. All content is produced by our in house team of content marketing experts.

What is the difference between normal web writing and web 2.0 copywriting?

Web 2.0 copywriting is simple, direct and sells your business. There is a growing gap between copy of this caliber and the old, average web writing of yesteryear. The days of dense sentences, boring formal content and pages and pages of useless nonsense are over. Web 2.0 copywriting tightens, steam lines and puts your content to work, in a marketing context.

What is Web 2.0 Copywriting?

Web 2.0 copywriting is clean, niche specific, enticing copy that persuades the reader to take action. It is always market driven, creative and tailor made to promote the website, business or products involved. In other words web 2.0 copywriting is the latest and most effective form of copywriting available today.

In what format will my copy be delivered?

Most copy will be delivered in doc or pdf format. You will be informed which format will best suit your project. Doc files are often zipped.

Re-writes Policy

How many rewrites are included in each project?

Contrast Media will allow for a certain timeframe, when edits or rewrites can take place. Short projects usually have a one week window for amendments, long projects up to a month. Whatever we do, we try to get the content exactly as you want it.

When will I have to pay for additional rewrites?

After the timeframe has passed and the agreed upon drafts have been amended, no additional rewrites will be considered. This is because of the value of completely rewritten articles, and how they can be submitted to directories as new articles outside of the original project.

Time Queries

What global time zone does Contrast Media operate in?

We operate in GMT+2 (Greenwich Mean Time).

How long does the average writing project take?

Each project will have its own timeline until completion. Ten articles usually takes two days, a full length non fiction book a month.

When can I expect my copy?

Before the agreed due date, or at least on the deadline date. We often shoot for an early finish in case there are any additional problems.

Payment Options

How do I order copy from Contrast Media?

You can contact Carla Dewing anytime during normal working hours at her Skype address ‘carladewing’ to initiate a project. Order copy by clicking the free quote button. Otherwise you can deposit money directly into our business account via this website, with our easy payment options. We take credit cards and EFT’s. We also respond to emails and our contact us page.

Is a down payment required for every project?

A down payment of 30% is required in order for your project to commence. This is a ‘good faith’ payment and an agreement that you will settle your bill once the project is finished.

Is Contrast Media flexible with payment options?

Yes. We like to give our clients a bit of freedom, especially when it comes to smaller projects. If for some reason you do not want to deposit the customary 30% upfront into our bank account, let us know and we’ll sort something out.

How do I pay Contrast Media for their services?

Direct deposits into our business account, or Paypal account.

Does Contrast Media charge an hourly rate?

No, we don’t charge by the hour. In our opinion hourly rates are a rip off, and we’d rather not rip off our valued clients. Somehow wherever you go these days, extra hours are always added on to initial quotes. We hate that.

Why do Contrast Media charge once off fees?

A once off fee gives our clients an accurate quote that will not change, even as the writing progresses. Our clients stay happy because there are no hidden costs involved.

What happens if I cancel a project mid-way through it?

Canceling a project when it is half way through, or almost complete does not change the fact that you are liable for all completed work. The 30% deposits are non-refundable in this instance and we will bill you for all outstanding work done. All completed work will be sent to you.

Copyright Queries

Do I own the copyright after the copy is paid for?

As soon as the payment is complete all rights to the copy pass to you or your company. Until such a time, all copy is property of the Digital Contrast Media holding group.

Do I need to sign anything that declares the copyright is mine?

No, the copyright will automatically pass to you upon payment. Then we will not be able to reprint, sell or use the copy we have created for you in any way.

Does Contrast Media deal with copyright?

No. There is a big difference between copywriting and copyright. If you’re looking to have something copyrighted then you’ve come to the wrong place! We deal purely with the creation of copy for our clients, not protecting it against intellectual property theft.


Does Contrast Media offer their clients any guarantees?

We do. Contrast Media guarantees that all copy leaving our offices is 100% unique or it’s FREE. We would never steal so much as a three word sentence from other writers.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes. If you find that the copy we have given you has been plagiarized then your deposit will be returned. This however, will never happen.

What if I’m not happy with the work?

If you have given us a brief and we have written exactly what you have asked for, then you will have to pay for it. This is to protect us from unscrupulous buyers who commission work and then after they have received it, refuse to pay because they don’t like it.

Often it’s not because they don’t like it, it’s because they don’t want to pay for it. Once a project has begun, Contrast Media will bend over backwards to ensure that you are happy with the copy you get. If you are still not happy after repeated amendments, then it has fallen outside the realm of reasonable doubt.


Where is Contrast Media located?

The Contrast Media offices are located in Cape Town, South Africa. We are directly on the scenic Cape Town beachfront, and have clear views of Table Mountain.

Being in Cape Town allows us an extraordinary opportunity to use our exceptional English skill to advance your business, at a third of the usual cost.

How do I get in touch with Contrast Media?

You can click on our contact us page, or email me directly at cgdewing@contrastmedia.co.za for any reason. We are here to help!

How will I communicate with Contrast Media?

We prefer to use Skype text chat for all of our writing client projects. This is because we can track and document everything that is discussed for later review. It’s a great system for handling copy, and communicating with clients.

We also accept phone calls for queries and appointments, but would prefer to use Skype when discussing your project, for reasons mentioned above.

General Questions

I need a website assessment, what do I do?

If you have a website all built and ready, but it has no content – we will give you a free website assessment. Basically we analyze the content needed and the word count involved, and give you a break down of what that will be. We also give you a rough quote on how much it will cost you.

Just send us a website assessment query on our contact us page, together with the URL of your empty or old site, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Does Contrast Media offer design, development or animation services?

We don’t offer any development or animations services. We do however work with basic design – for e-books, slideshows and layout work.

Does Contrast Media do printing, scanning, copying?

We know that our tagline is ‘digital and print copywriting specialists’ and because of our awesome SEO skills we rank well for print services, but we don’t do printing, copying or scanning.

We are strictly a copywriting business. So if you have copy that needs to be written you’re in the right place. If you need your copy copied, you’ll have to go somewhere else!