*Please note – we value the copyright of our clients work, and are therefore unable to list the many companies, institutions or websites we have written for.

Behind every great ad, website or film script, there’s a great writing company who lets their clients take all the credit!

Print Industry

  • Magazine creation - including concept, research, writing and design work.
  • Magazine editing - to ensure an accurate, grammatically flawless publication.
  • Magazine contributors - for top quality articles, interviews, reviews, columns or opinion pieces that pass strict quality control standards.
  • Full length (250p+) non-fiction print books for the mass market – including research, writing, editing and professional formatting.
  • Advertising copy – for brochures, table talkers, catalogues and brand identity creation.
  • Manuscript editing – turning fiction pieces into publish ready manuscripts.
  • Press releases – attracting mainstream media syndication for specific business messages or announcements.
  • Stage plays – researching, writing and formatting 1 and 2 Act plays for theatres in Europe.

Online Industry

  • (1000+) Google friendly SEO articles – researched, written and edited.
  • SEO web copy – researched, written, edited and published. In many cases, we achieve page 1 success in a few short weeks.
  • Blogs for niche industries – helping blogs grow 1 sign up at a time.
  • E-book editing and formatting – turning average e-books into best sellers.
  • Sales letter creation – energetic and effective sales copy including analysis, research, SEO, writing and formatting advice.
  • Newsletter writing – powerful newsletters that grow your subscriber list and help you sell more products.
  • Children’s book writing – research, writing and focus group testing of children’s books.
  • E-book and guide creation – quality research, writing, editing and professional pdf formatting of E-books, guides and mini-courses.
  • Social media management – maintaining and contributing posts, tweets and updates to client’s social media pages.
  • Product description writingSEO product descriptions, researched written and edited for maximum sales impact.
  • Movie/product/website/game reviews – valuable information and interactive writing dedicated to inspiring trust in your readership.

Digital Media

  • Scripts for animation – descriptive writing for short or full length animation.
  • Game concepts – coming up with inspired ideas for short game apps, or full Maya, 3D Studio Max game concepts and writing.
  • Audio scripts – Youtube and radio scripts for a more effective advertising campaign.

We Specialize in:

  • Internet Marketing writing
  • Business writing
  • Medical, natural health, weight loss and fitness writing
  • Short sales letters
  • Bulk article writing

Most of all…

INTERACTIVE Writing for the social media age!